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With construction at Rand Steam nearing completion, we are excited to focus our marketing efforts on the launch of the centre on 25 April 2019.
To actively engage our target market, we will be launching the centre with an “Our First Thursday” themed event. The idea is to link up with this existing social trend – First Thursday - and create the desired vibe / atmosphere for the centre from the get-go.
In order to best showcase the unique tenant offering and have customers experience your brand and products, we encourage all tenants to have an “Our First Thursday” themed offer. This can include tastings, product samples, hand-outs or special offers, accompanied by a complementary glass of champagne or wine.  This will entice customers to attend the opening day and experience your brand in a festive way.

We suggest that all restaurants offer an “Our First Thursday” menu item – celebrating the opening of the centre. The event will also include live performances by Justin Serrao (12:30) and Bad Peter (17:00) in the restaurant area.

To maximise the evening’s festivities and sales, we will also require all our tenants to trade for extended hours as the “main act” will be performing from 17:00 – 19:00, this is after all the concept surrounding “First Thursdays”.
We will be launching the centre’s Facebook page on 11 March 2019. This is the perfect opportunity to advertise your offering on a digital platform at little to no cost. Please send any digital marketing material to Anelda Barnard at anelda@moolmangroup.co.za. The content plan for the page is to reveal tenants on Mondays and Fridays and give some interesting information on the site's history on Throwback Thursday’s (#TBT).

In addition to promoting the centre’s opening via Facebook, we will also showcase it on the following platforms: On-site billboard, Streetpole ads on Empire Road and Jan Smuts Drive, ½ page Newspaper ad in Rosebank Killarney Gazette & Northcliff Melville Times, Instagram
We look forward to hosting this event with you and trust that with all our tenants participating together, the Rand Steam centre launch will be a great success.
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