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MPower is an initiative and division of the Moolman Group – a distinguished property investment enterprise that owns and manages property portfolios across South Africa and abroad.

The business was conceptualised in 2022 to leverage the existing experience and skills that was built up within Moolman Group following the development of 45MWp of Solar PV rooftop installations on the Moolman Group’s property portfolio dating back to 2014. It was subsequently formalised in early 2023 to harness the current opportunity that exists due to the current South African energy crisis.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the leading independent power producers in South Africa through the conceptualisation, development, and ownership of renewable energy facilities.

Our Purpose

To be the preferred IPP for suitable and aligned off-takers that allow for a rapid transition to clean energy, energy security, and cost savings.

Core Business

Our main objective is to own or co-own the developed renewable energy facilities.

MPower can provide the full spectrum of services for embedded generation, wheeling, and battery energy storage projects.

Our services range from the securing of land and all regulatory approvals to the delivery of a completed facility.

Ground Mount Solar Plants

We develop behind the meter renewable energy plants which includes Solar PV and Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS) for suitable electricity offtakers. The electricity offtaker either provides land or alternatively MPower will secure land in close proximity to the offtaker and then arrange for the necessary regulatory approvals. Wheeling solutions are also offered to offtakers in addition to the behind the meter energy generation.

Rooftop Solar Plants

We provide Rooftop Solar PV solutions with a minimum of 1MWp generation capacity to suitable electricity offtakers. Battery Energy Storage (BESS) can also be added to the solution should this be a requirement.

Partner with off taker

We offer the opportunity for our offtakers to invest alongside MPower in the renewable energy facility. We will structure the deal with the offtaker on a case by case basis depending on the offtaker’s requirements. Typically a new SPV will be set up for this purpose within which MPower and the offtaker will each have their respective shareholding. Customary agreements are then concluded for the SPV. The SPV will then sign the necessary offtake agreements with the offtaker which typically includes a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Should wheeled electricity be a requirement then MPower will facilitate the necessary Wheeling Agreements which will be signed directly between the offtaker and the wheeling entity.



Hilton’s expertise in the design, engineering, and development of renewable energy plants has a solid foundation in his Baccalaureus Technologiae in Electrical Engineering (BTELN – PEN) degree and 12 years’ experience in the industry. He describes the best part of his job as the small wins that act as reminders of progress – the result thereof is dedication.

He believes commitment is being able to stand alone on principles and values.



Johann acquired his honours in B. Comm Econometric and has a further 14 years of experience in the field. His area of expertise includes strategic planning and new business planning. He believes that “it’s all about relationships. How well you build them determines how well they build your business.” Some of his proudest moments include the completion of projects and the excitement and pride that comes with a new business. “The fruition of a project starts with an idea,” he notes.



Pieter’s 17 years of industry experience, paired with a Chartered Accountants degree, has well prepared him for his position as Developments Director, which requires immaculate strategic management and planning.

He takes pride in the growth and positioning of the Moolman Group and enjoys the thrill of initiating a concept and seeing the realisation thereof benefiting the relevant stakeholders. He conducts himself according to the following belief, “honourable partners make for happy friendships.”



JZ graduated with a B. Com Financial Management degree in 2005. After this, he furthered his academic career with a BSc Construction Management degree obtained from the University of Pretoria. Subsequently, he graduated with a Master of Construction Project Management from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia in 2009.

His career took off in 2005, when he worked as a construction site manager at Becker’s Construction. He joined the Resilient Property Income Fund in 2010 as a project manager. In 2012 he brought his expertise to the Moolman Group, taking on various responsibilities in New Business, Development and Asset Management, Private Equity, and Renewable Energy Initiatives. Today, he serves on our board as Director of Private Equities. He has also been part of Fledge Capital since January 2021.


At Moolman Group, we consider more than just profits – we consider the impact of our buildings on society and the environment. As part of our Green Sustainability Pledge, we will continue to roll out solar PV of 5.9MVA at our properties in 2023.

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